LEADER principle


Support to the development of Local Action Groups according to the LEADER principle

Since its founding in the European Union, the LEADER approach has become an almost irreplaceable tool in support of local communities to plan and guide their development to their needs.

Serbia as a country in the pre-accession phase when that comes to European integration, will in 2017 begin systemic support in the implementation of this approach and the establishment of Local Action Groups.

Members of our organization have undergone a series of LEADER training courses organized by European organizations and GIZs.

We have learned to test through the development of a LAG initiative coordinated by our organizations (LAG initiative Golija-Studenica), and to support the establishment of several Local Action Groups (eg LAG Devetak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, LAG Eastern Stari Grad). We have also implemented a series of trainings on LEADER and LAGs.

Cooperation at the international level also allows us to link the existing LAG initiatives with LAGs across Europe.