SOS for vulnerable groups - Social Services of CSO for improving position of the most vulnerable groups in South-Western Serbia

Role of organization: Partner

Place of realization: South-Western Serbia

Activities/results: Specific objective: Improved capacities of CSO from Southwest Serbia for quality and transparent action and interaction with local authorities and public, with the aim of social inclusion of people with disabilities according to legislative framework in Serbia.

Result 1: Improved capacities of civil society organizations and stakeholders from South-West Serbia to carry out dialogue with local governments, provide relevant inputs into policy planning and implementation, communicate and perform outreach activities in social protection and social inclusion.
Result 2: 7 CSO from South-West Serbia developed social services  based on the rational usage of resources and legislative framework in Serbia.
Result 3: Improved cooperation of CSO and local self-governments  in social protection through intersectoral teams and adopted budget financing of social protection measures based on experiences of  EU and Serbia legislative framework on 4 municipalities of SW Serbia in 2015.
Result 4 : Local authorities and the population of SW Serbia are sensitized for better understanding social inclusion and the support to local CSOs in providing social services.

Donor: EU EIDHR Country Based Support Scheme (CBSS) 2013 for Serbia

Year of implementation: June 2014/August 2015

IDA Kraljevo