Institutional Grant for CSOs

Role of organization: Project carrier

Place of realization: Republic of Serbia

The problem with which the project deals with: The Grant will be used to support the civil sector in creating preconditions for active participation in the creation and implementation of policies in the field of nature protection, climate change and civil protection, as well as for the promotion of CSOs’ activism in the process of European integration and the adoption of policies EU in these areas. Special attention will be paid to networking of CSOs, as well as further development of already existing mechanisms (SEKO mechanism) for civil sector involvement in donor fund planning, as well as dialogue with decision makers.

In addition, one segment of the institutional grant will be directed towards the implementation of activities that will support organizational development and ensuring a higher level of sustainability of CSOs.

When it comes to nature protection, the main focus will be on the sustainable development of agriculture, the sustainable development of protected areas, and the sustainable development of forestry. Within the theme Climate change, the greatest attention will be paid to the energy sector, both from the aspect of policy making and by improving the dialogue with local governments on the development of energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources. The Civil Protection Sector will be covered in the first year by improving the capacities of CSOs and local communities to integrate into the civil protection system itself.

During implementation, special attention will be paid to gender equality, as well as to other marginalized categories, such as young and rural communities.

Project goals:

To contribute to the participatory creation of public policies in environmental protection, the adoption of the legal framework of the European Union and its implementation, based on the principles of sustainable development, stakeholder consensus and active participation of civil society and local communities.

The contribution of the grant is reflected in improving the capacity of the civil sector to participate in policy making, improving the sustainability of CSOs and defining the strategic framework for their functioning, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, through the support of dialogue between the public and civil sector, further improve the mechanisms of cooperation and influence of civil society creating public policies and adopting EU policy in the environmental sector.

Planned activities:

Work Package 1 Improvement of organizational capacities and role of civil society;

The planned activities are:
Activity 1.1 Implementation of training on European integration processes for CSOs.
Activity 1.2 Implementation of three info sessions for CSOs and other stakeholders on European integration processes for chapters 11, 12, 13 and 27.
Activity 1.3 Organization of six one-day promotional and educational workshops on the role of civil society in the development of local communities and volunteerism for pupils of primary and secondary schools and students
Activity 1.4 Organization of workshops for the development of the strategic plan of the Association for the Development of the Ibar Valley

Work Package 2 Improving civil society and public sector cooperation in environmental protection, climate change and civil protection;

Planned activities:
Activity 2.1 Implementation of two national meetings of the SEKO Mechanism for Agriculture and Rural Development on the topic of sustainable development;
Activity 2.2 Implementation of the National Conventa Meeting for Chapters 11, 12, 13 and 27 on Sustainable Development and EU Integration Issues;
Activity 2.3 Realization of 3 regional roundtables on the development of organic production in the function of positive impacts on nature protection;
Activity 2.4 Preparation of the brochure “The Impact of Organic Production on Environmental Protection, Biodiversity, Preservation of Genetic Respirators, Climate Change and Land Quality”;
Activity 2.5 Organization of an international expert meeting – workshops “Sustainable development 2030”.

Work Package 3 Support to networking of CSOs and their operation;
Planned activities:
Activity 3.1 Organization of two workshops for defining a platform for networking CSOs for sustainable agriculture and rural development.
Activity 3.2 Defining a common strategy and defining the budget of the CSO network for sustainable agriculture, rural development with respect to the principles of gender equality in the preparation of the document.

Expected results:

Result 1: Improved capacities of civil society for active participation in the implementation of the principles of sustainable development, European integration processes in environmental protection and better management of their own resources, through training, promotional and educational activities.
Result 2: The civil sector has improved mechanisms and capacities for cooperation between the civil and public sectors and involving citizens in environmental protection activities, reducing climate change and developing civil protection at the local level.
Result 3: CSOs improved inter-networking, defined common principles for advocating public policies for nature protection, climate change and civil protection, and developed action plans for individual and joint action in the next 2 years.

Donor: Regional Environmental Center REC

Year of implementation: October 2016/October 2017

Institutional Grant for CSOs
Institutional Grant for CSOs
Institutional Grant for CSOs
Institutional Grant for CSOs